Those who climb Mount Everest have a mission, a goal, and that is to reach the summit. This goal is facilitated in a number of ways, such as by having the right training, having the right gear, and having the right team. Base Camp, which sits within striking distance of the summit, is a place where these various components come together to make the mission possible. Climbers spend time at Base Camp to get acclimated and equipped so they can venture out on their climb. Base Camp is also where they return for rest and restoration. As such, people are constantly being sent out of Base Camp for the summit, and constantly returning from the mission. It is a busy place!

At Mountain View Community Church, we believe a facility functions for the church in much the same way as Base Camp functions for the climbers of Everest. It is simply a tool that facilitates the mission we have been given, which is to make Christ known as we passionately love Him together! It is a place of equipping and training, a place of community and care, a place of worship and inspiration. The people of God regularly “gather” together for these things, so that they may “scatter” from there into the various mission fields they are called to.


The current population of Fort Collins is roughly 165,000. 90% of those people (more than 145,000) are without a church home, and presumably, a relationship with Jesus Christ.

There are over 30,000 students at CSU, also with 90% of them unchurched.

There are 6,540 middle school students and 8,920 high school students in the Poudre School District.

The number of churches that teach the Bible and hold to the gospel is getting smaller, not larger.

The spiritual needs in our city, and in Northern Colorado, are tremendous. Yet so are the opportunities for exposing people to the gospel of Jesus Christ!


for this city and beyond!

We exist to make Christ known as we passionately love Him together!

The simplicity of this statement has served us well for many years, and is a great way to remind us of why we exist as the people of God. We are people who are called to MISSION (make Christ known) and driven by WORSHIP (passionately love Him) in the context of COMMUNITY (together). This is not simply the mission of the church (as an entity), it is the mission of each and every believer.

Yet how will we know if we (as a church and as individuals) are actually carrying out our mission? The answer to this question is expressed in our vision statement…



We will be multiplying in many ways! We will multiply as individuals, by sharing the gospel and seeing people come to faith, as well as by pouring into others and helping them grow in their faith (i.e. making disciples!)

We will be equipping people to step into the ministry God has prepared for them by using their gifts. Our Life Groups will multiply, ministries will multiply, and we will plant new churches.


We will see the city we live in as our mission field. We will be purposeful about representing Christ in the neighborhoods we inhabit, the places where we work, and the spaces in which we live our lives

We will be intentional about the schools and campuses in our midst and purposeful to bring the gospel to the next generation.


If we are living out our mission, God will call people to be sent out from our midst.

We will send people into frontier missions. We will send teams out to plant churches in new communities, both regionally, nationally and globally.

We will send people out as healthy church members to bless other churches when they are called to move away from our city for whatever reason.


Over the years, God has been shaping the culture and ministry philosophy of our church, focusing us on the following strategies to carry out our mission and move forward in the vision God has given us.

To be a community of people captivated by the glory of God and driven to worship as we gather to be equipped in his Word

Small groups that are regularly multiplying where each person is using their gifts and pursuing the mission of the church.

To be active across the full spectrum of what Jesus meant when He commanded us to make disciples, namely pursuing those who don't yet know Christ and not just teaching those who already do.

Believing that reaching the emerging generation will always be key in reaching the city, we will emphasize and prioritize student ministries that focus on the Middle School, High School, and University campuses.

We will strive to plant new churches in strategic locations, convinced that new churches are most effective in reaching those who don't yet know Christ.

We will seek to send missionaries into the mission fields where God calls them, and to partner with indigenous church-planting movements to encourage and equip them as we are able.


Around 2017, we found ourselves approaching our 25th anniversary as a church. As we began pondering how to celebrate this milestone, we were humbled to remember the abundant evidences of God's grace in the history of our church. God has used MVC to reach people with the gospel, grow people in grace, heal broken lives, foster genuine biblical community, impact our city, plant new churches, send out missionaries, and empower people to live on mission in their own spheres of influence.

As we were remembering these things, we found our prayers directed more toward the future. We wanted to not only celebrate the past, but to look forward with great expectation to how God wanted to use MVC in the years and decades to come. We felt affirmation from God for the trajectory we were on, and heard Him saying...

                         NOT JUST IN FAITHFULNESS,

                                                                                         BUT IN FAITH!


As we have focused on the vision, God has blessed MVC with healthy growth through the years.

First and foremost, our greatest desire has always been to grow by seeing people come to faith in Jesus! The kingdom of God only grows when this happens. When we understand this, our emphasis as a church will be on reaching those who don’t know Christ, not trying to attract Christians through our programs and our marketing.

Second, God has grown MVC by bringing Christians who resonate with our vision and feel called to join the community and partner with what God is doing among us. Through our Distinctives class and our emphasis on being people who live in genuine biblical community, we have sought to be a church that is unified and aligned around mission and vision, not just a place people attend on Sunday.


Mountain View began by meeting in a Junior High auditorium on Easter of 1993. After several years of renting this space, God provided us with our first owned facility (201 Whedbee) in the winter of 1998. We grew in that space (and outgrew that space), expanding to three services and an average attendance of roughly 600 people. In 2010 we moved into our current facility (328 Remington) where we went through the same journey, currently running three services with an average attendance approaching 1000 people. We have outgrown our current facility even though we continue to be creative about maximizing every bit of the space.

Our current facility is limiting our growth and hindering our vision!

Over the past few years we have continually investigated options for a future facility, and this past year the Lord graciously led us to His provision. In May we closed on a 50,000 square foot existing facility that will provide for our growth and serve our vision for decades to come.


While most of us feel the space crunch of having outgrown our current facility, it is important to explore how a new facility will actually serve the vision God has given us. It is also important to understand our motivations for purchasing the new facility, which are simply:

To FACILITATE growth, not pursue growth.
To FACILITATE the vision God has given us, not change our vision.

We are not building a new facility to try and attract people, and we are not building a new facility in an attempt to become something we are not. Mountain View is growing. We have consistently grown by roughly 10% every year. Our space crunch is hindering that growth at all levels, and a new facility will simply provide the space for what God is and continues to do. God has given us a clear vision for the ministry He has called us to. Facilitating our growing body will facilitate the ministry He has given to us, allowing us to pursue that vision in ways that are hindered in our current space.


As a church, we seek to budget according to the vision God has given us. As our body grows, so does our budget, enabling us to fund the vision. Here are some examples:

25% of our budget is set aside for missions and church planting. As we head into the coming budgeting year, this means that over $500K will be spent on these endeavors which are central to our vision of being a multiplying church. As MVC grows, our generosity and ability to fund church planting and missions grows automatically since it is sacrificially built into our budget.

Nearly 40% of our staffing budget is directed toward our priority of student ministries. Our student ministry staff work hard to raise up and oversee the army of volunteer leaders needed to be active in all schools.


We currently run three services that are beyond capacity…

Our children’s ministry is regularly beyond capacity, with three separate classrooms competing for space in the basement which is divided by curtains. While we are committed to never turning the child of a visitor away, we often have to turn children of church members away during our busiest services.

As we push into our Faith Goal of seeing each one of us lead someone to faith in Christ, imagine how this would impact our space crunch further. Where would those people fit?


Our vision will require lots of people who are called and equipped to serve in various roles. As our church grows, so does our ability to place people into those roles.

If every one of our LifeGroups multiplied, the number of leaders in that ministry would go from 120 to 240.

In order to have a male and female leader in every grade in every middle school and high school, it will take roughly 250 volunteer leaders.

In sending church planting “teams” into new communities, this will require a few individuals called into pastoral ministry, but also a large team of volunteers who are willing to relocate and use their gifts to fill key roles on the team. 


Our vision for reaching the students of the city is big! It starts with a vibrant college ministry where we reach incoming freshman and pour into them over their time at CSU. Many of these students will become leaders in our High School and Middle School teams, helping us reach the students in those schools. Our current facility cannot house any of these ministries adequately. Our high school and middle school ministries meet in separate locations because they can’t both use the building at the same time.




We regularly use our facility for equipping the church family for ministry. Whether it is our LifeGroup leaders, our Real Moms ministry, or our regular “Equip Day” forums, we simply do not have adequate space for equipping and training those in our midst.


As we head into the season before us, we are going to be asking the church body to sacrificially give so that we can renovate our new facility. In order to not hinder the ministry and vision God has given us, these financial commitments need to be above and beyond people’s regular giving. For those who are a part of MVC who are not yet regularly giving to the church, we will encourage them to start giving to the church rather than the new facility. As such, we also anticipate growing our annual budget through this journey.


2019 (September - November)

Base Camp campaign to secure financial commitments

2019 (December)

Make decisions on level of build-out based upon financial conmmitments

2020 (January - June)

Design development / City planning and zoning process

2020 (June - December)

Finalize design / construction documents

2021 (January - March)


2021 (Spring / Summer)

Begin construction