We have set our fundraising goal for this campaign at $3.5 Million. This is a faith-stretching goal, and we are excited to see how God leads His people in raising these funds, and possibly even beyond!


In order to reach our goal, it will take equal sacrifice (not equal giving) among all those who call MVC their church home. We will be asking for commitments to be made on November 17th at our All-Church Commitment Celebration, indicating what a person can give over the following 3-year period. In order to not hinder ministry for the sake of renovating our facility, it is important that any commitments made to the Base Camp campaign be above and beyond one’s normal giving to the church budget.

We have put together a chart to show how various weekly giving levels can accumulate over three years into substantial amounts. We've also put together a chart that illustrates how commitments of various amounts, according to each person’s ability, can accumulate to meet and exceed our goal. Click the link below to view the charts.

View the Charts


Deciding what and how much to give is a choice to be made between God, you, and your family. All things belong to God and He wants us to wisely steward what He has entrusted to each of us. As you prayerfully consider what God would have you give, the following list may generate some creative ideas for giving.

Gifts in Kind / Appreciable Assets

Transferring ownership of stocks, bonds, real estate, etc. Tax codes are generous towards this form of giving. Giving the asset to the church, then allowing the church to sell eliminates potential capital gains taxes and can increase the after-tax proceeds, providing significant tax savings.

Income-Producing Assets

Interest income, payments from rental properties, or monies from other income-producing assets provide sources of increased giving.

Sale of Assets

Perhaps you own an asset that you are not utilizing where the sale of that item could be a source of increased giving. It is also possible to donate portions of an asset such as a business or real estate through donor advised funds (see more info in FAQs).

Income Raises / Bonuses / Tax Returns

Donating raises, bonuses, and tax returns are also avenues to increase giving.

Freedom From Debt

As debt obligations are fulfilled, additional revenue may become available for increased giving. If you would like to meet with a financial counselor regarding how to get free from debt, please contact Dan Pourbaix at the church office via email or phone.

Unique Skills Income or Special Sales

You may have marketable hobbies or skills, which enable you to give from those profits. Or, maybe you can hold a garage sale and donate the proceeds.

Giving Up Some Luxuries

Lifestyle adjustments can help make extra money available to give. Consider canceling cable subscriptions and frequent trips for coffee, or scaling back on entertainment and eating out.

Credit Card Rewards

Many people using credit cards responsibly accumulate sizable annual cash rewards that could be donated to the Base Camp Campaign.

Employer Match on Charitable Giving

Many employers will match the charitable giving their employees make up to a certain amount.

IRA Income

If you are of retirement age, many IRA’s have a required minimum distribution that, if not yet needed for income, might be directed toward charitable giving.