Frequently Asked Questions

Is anything changing with Base Camp due to COVID?

We have been watching the financial impact of COVID on the church over the past 6 months by monitoring both our regular giving and our Base Camp giving. During the initial stay-at-home order, we also asked people to simply let us know if their ability to carry out their Base Camp commitment was changing due to impacts of COVID on their own personal finances. Regular giving to our operating budget was down March through May, but has been above budget for July through September. Base Camp giving is harder to track in terms of whether giving is “on target” or not, since people are giving to Base Camp in a variety of ways and at various times over the three-year period (i.e. not all giving is through regular, monthly contributions). We have had less than five people contact us indicating that they will need to reduce their Base Camp contribution. All indicators suggest that we should continue to move along our planned pathway toward construction. This letter, asking you to simply confirm your Base Camp commitment, is one additional attempt on our part to make sure we are operating with the most informed assumptions possible regarding our financial situation.

Will we delay the new building due to COVID?

This is a topic we have been discussing, both internally as a leadership team, and also with our architect and contractor. The only reasons for delaying the new building would be (1) if our finances were impacted due to COVID, and (2) if there were significant potential savings to the project by waiting. It does not appear as though either of those reasons are valid right now. National projections indicate that construction costs (both for labor and materials) will increase at a rate of roughly 4% annually for the next couple of years. And as we best understand it right now, it seems like MVC’s financial position has not changed notably during the past six months either.

When will be make a decision about how much of the project to do now (if we take a phasing approach)?

Time is our friend and we are delaying this decision as long as possible. If we hope to keep to our original schedule for beginning construction (April to June of this spring), which we plan to do, then we will need to make a decision right after the new year.

Can I increase or decrease my commitment amount?

You may certainly adjust your commitment. It is important to us that you let us know the details of this adjustment so that we can plan for its impact on our overall picture and the decisions we are preparing to make.

Should I redirect my tithe or regular giving to the Base Camp Campaign?

No. Your giving commitment to the campaign should be above and beyond your regular giving. This ensures we don’t hinder the ministry God has called us to as we raise funds for the new facility.

Am I expected to give my full commitment to the Base Camp campaign in November 2019?

No, commitments are made with the intention to fulfill them over a three year period. You will be asked to make the largest possible first fruits offering at our November 17th All Church Commitment Celebration and then fulfill the remaining part of your commitment over the next three years. 

How and when do I make my commitment to the Base Camp Campaign?

On November 17th, we will come together as a church family in one single worship gathering at CSU to make our commitments. You will be provided with a Commitment Card to indicate what God is leading you to give, over and above your regular giving, for the next three years.

On that same day we will have our “First Fruits Offering” where we are encouraging everyone to begin acting on their commitment, and encouraging everyone to bring the largest possible gift to help us start strong in collecting toward our goal.

After November 2019, commitments can be made by submitting a Commitment Card and beginning your giving. For more information, contact the church office by email or phone.

Can my commitment be changed if necessary?

Commitments can be changed if necessary, allowing you to either increase or decrease your commitment as needed. Your decision to change your commitment should be done only after much prayer.

Will I be billed monthly for my pledge?

No. We will be counting on you to meet your commitments in a timely manner. However, we highly recommend you automate your giving through our online giving portal. Your gifts may also be given via the mail, the weekly offering, through donor advised funds, or by contacting the church office. If giving via check, please be sure to designate your checks by writing “Base Camp” on the memo line and submitting your check in the Base Camp envelopes.

What are donor advised funds?

These can be established with all types of assets (cash, stocks, non-liquid assets) and may offer tax-advantaged ways to contribute. You can set up a fund through National Christian Foundation and choose Mountain View Community Church as the recipient of the donation. For more information, contact Dan Pourbaix by email or by phone.

What happens if we meet our fundraising goal?

Because we designed the space with the ability to phase our construction based upon costs…

   …meeting this goal will allow us to proceed with a phase-in construction that provides all of the key spaces we desire from the facility, just without constructing the ultimate sanctuary.

  ...meeting this goal might allow us to proceed with a phased-in construction that includes the ultimate sanctuary, while holding back on some finishes in other parts of the facility.

What happens if we exceed our fundraising goal?

If more than $3,500,000 is sacrificially given over the next three years then this will allow us to expand the scope of our construction and hopefully build out the entire facility to our ultimate design all at once!

What is expected of me?

Ask questions and be informed. Most importantly, seek God. Take time to prayerfully consider what kind of sacrifice God is asking you to make. “Not equal gifts, but equal sacrifice” best describes our understanding of Biblical stewardship. Not everyone can make a large dollar gift, but everyone can make a sacrificial one.

Still have questions? Contact us!