Frequently Asked Questions

Can I increase or decrease my commitment amount?

You may certainly adjust your commitment. It is important to us that you let us know the details of this adjustment so that we can plan for its impact on our overall picture and the decisions we are preparing to make.

Should I redirect my tithe or regular giving to the Base Camp Campaign?

No. Your giving commitment to the campaign should be above and beyond your regular giving. This ensures we don’t hinder the ministry God has called us to as we raise funds for the new facility.

Am I expected to give my full commitment to the Base Camp campaign at one time?

No, commitments are made with the intention to fulfill them over a three year period. If you are joining the campaign later, you can make a 3-year commitment, or match the timeline from the original 3-year campaign.

How and when do I make my commitment to the Base Camp Campaign?

Commitments can be made online or by submitting a Commitment Card and beginning your giving. For more information, contact the church office by email or phone.

Can my commitment be changed if necessary?

Commitments can be changed if necessary, allowing you to either increase or decrease your commitment as needed. Your decision to change your commitment should be done only after much prayer.

Will I be billed monthly for my pledge?

No. We will be counting on you to meet your commitments in a timely manner. However, we highly recommend you automate your giving through our online giving portal. Your gifts may also be given via the mail, the weekly offering, through donor advised funds, or by contacting the church office. If giving via check, please be sure to designate your checks by writing “Base Camp” on the memo line and submitting your check in the Base Camp envelopes.

What are donor advised funds?

These can be established with all types of assets (cash, stocks, non-liquid assets) and may offer tax-advantaged ways to contribute. You can set up a fund through National Christian Foundation and choose Mountain View Community Church as the recipient of the donation. For more information, contact Dan Pourbaix by email or by phone.

What is expected of me?

Ask questions and be informed. Most importantly, seek God. Take time to prayerfully consider what kind of sacrifice God is asking you to make. “Not equal gifts, but equal sacrifice” best describes our understanding of Biblical stewardship. Not everyone can make a large dollar gift, but everyone can make a sacrificial one.

Still have questions? Contact us!